Welcome to the Dissertation Hierarchical User Interface Component Architecture (HUICA) of computer scientist Dr. Ralf S. Engelschall.

This Dissertation was written for the scientific degree of Doctor rerum naturalium. It was submitted to the Department of Computer Science of University of Augsburg on 2018-08-14. It was then assessed by Prof. Dr. Alexander Knapp and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bauer with the honor magna cum laude, defended on 2018-12-11 and finally published on 2018-12-18.

For a quick 5-minute introduction to the Hierarchical User Interface Component Architecture (HUICA), just watch the teaser video of the Dissertation. It still provides no great details, but at least gives an initial overall impression of HUICA.
For a full 83-minute overview to the Hierarchical User Interface Component Architecture (HUICA), you can watch the corresponding video series of the Dissertation. It allows you to understand most of HUICA without having to read through the whole Dissertation.

If you just want an overview of the heart of HUICA, without any prolog and epilog, just watch the single 31-minute video HUICA Overview 3/4 instead. It covers just the central Chapter 6 (Solution) of the Dissertation.

The Dissertation was publically published as a 324-pages book on 2018-12-18 via Books-on-Demand in Germany, registered under the ISBN 978-3-7481-3956-0 and listed in the central Catalog of Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (D-NB).

As a result, the printed book can be purchased from BoD.de itself or other german retail bookstores like Amazon.de, Thalia.de, Buecher.de, Hugendubel.de, Mayersche.de, Osiander.de, Rupprecht.de, Buchkatalog.de, Real.de, or JPC. Additionally, you can get it also from international bookstores like Amazon.com.

In addition to the regular print version, the Disseration is also available as an online viewable, browsable and searchable electronic version for convenient online reading and page deep-linking.

This electronic version is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivates 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) license, which allows you to copy and redistribute it, as long as you follow the attribution and no-derivatives constraints.

To leverage from the Hierarchical User Interface Component Architecture (HUICA) in practice, the use of multiple software frameworks and libraries is absolutely essential.

Fortunately, these frameworks and libraries are already available as a pre-integrated all-in-one solution through the Open Source GemstoneJS Technology Stack, as described in the Dissertation Chapter 7 (Implementation).

These Open Source contributions related to HUICA were even valued by Prof. Dr. Ernst Denert with the Software-Engineering-Preis 2018 award (german) at the SE19 conference on 2019-02-21.

To test-drive the Hierarchical User Interface Component Architecture (HUICA) with the help of the Open Source GemstoneJS Technology Stack, check out Units and Persons (UnP), the HUICA example application of the Dissertation Chapter 8 (Example).

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